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Kid s Menu

For Children Age 10 or Under

Kid's Hibachi

Served w. Miso Soup, Onion Soup or Salad
2 pcs of Shrimp Tempura or 2 pcs of Dumpling
Kid's Hibachi Chicken 7.95
Kid's Hibachi Shrimp 8.95
Kid's Hibachi Steak 8.95

Kid's Bento Box

Served w. Miso Soup, Onion Soup or Salad, 2 pcs of Dumpling, 4 pcs of California Roll and White Rice
Kid's Chicken Teriyaki Box 7.95
Kid's Steak Teriyaki Box 8.95
Kid's Shrimp Teriyaki Box 8.95
Kid's Chicken Katsu Box 7.95
Kid's Chicken Tempura Box 7.95
Kid's Shrimp Tempura Box 7.95
Kid's Vegetable Tempura Box 6.95