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All You Can Eat Lunch

Lunch for Adults$18.95
Lunch for Kids (7-10 yrs)$10.95
Lunch for Kids (3-6 yrs)$6.95
Lunch for Kids (under 3 yrs)Free
Order All You Want but Eat All You Order, Please Do Not Waste Food


1. Edamame5. Cheese Rangoon (4)
2. Dumpling (4)6. Calamari
3. Spring Roll (2)7. Fried Tofu (4)
4. Shu Mai (4)8. Teriyaki Chicken (4)

Soup & Salad

1. Miso Soup3. Garden Salad
2. Onion Soup


(One piece per order, bed of rice topped item)
raw1. Salmonraw7. White Tuna
2. Avocadoraw8. Spicy Salmon
3. Surf Clam9. Shrimp
4. Tamago10. Tofu
raw5. Red Snapperraw11. Mackerel
raw6. Spicy Tuna12. Crabmeat

Classic Roll or Hand Roll

1. Spicy Crab Roll (6)
2. Chicken Tempura Roll (5)
3. Shrimp Tempura Roll (5)
Raw 4. Alaskan Roll (6)
Salmon, cucumber and avocado
Raw 5. Spicy Tuna Roll (6)
Raw 6. Spicy Salmon Roll (6)
7. Sweet Potato Roll (6)
8. Vegetable Roll (6)
Asparagus, cucumber and avocado
9. California Roll (6)
Raw 10. Salmon Cucumber or Avocado Roll (6)
Raw 11. Tuna Cucumber or Avocado Roll (6)
12. Eel Avocado or Cucumber Roll (6)
13. Salmon Skin Roll (6)
14. Spicy California Roll (6)
15. Philadelphia Roll (6)
Cream cheese, smoked salmon and cucumber
16. Avocado Roll (6)
17. Cucumber Roll (6)

Chef's Special Roll

Raw 1. Rainbow Roll (8)
Cucumber, avocado, crabmeat, topped with salmon, tuna, white fish and avocado
2. Yummy Yummy Roll (8)
Shrimp tempura and cucumber inside, top w. spicy tuna
3. Caterpillar Roll (8)
Shrimp tempura and crabmeat inside, top w. avocado
4. Crispy Crab Roll (6)
Deep fried cream cheese and spicy crab
5. Ichiban Roll (8)
Spicy tuna, avocado, cream cheese and crab meat deep fried
6. Dragon Roll (8)
Eel, cucumber inside, top with avocado
7. Spider Roll (5)
Soft shell crab, cucumber and lettuce and tobiko w. eel sauce
8. Crazy Roll (8)
Sweet potato and cream cheese inside, top w. seaweed salad


(Fried with tempura butter)
1. Shrimp Tempura (2)6. Eggplant Tempura (4)
2. Chicken Tempura (2)7. Taro Tempura (4)
3. Crab Meat Tempura (4)8. Zucchini Tempura (4)
4. Potato Tempura (4)9. Mushroom Tempura (4)
5. Broccoli Tempura (4)10. Onion (4)

Teriyaki & Curry

(Cooked on the grill, topped with teriyaki sauce)
(Served with white rice)
1. Chicken Teriyaki5. Curry Steak
2. Salmon Teriyaki6. Eggplant Teriyaki
3. Steak Teriyaki7. Curry Eggplant
4. Curry Chicken


(Cooked on the grill, with teriyaki sauce)
(Served with hibachi fried rice or hibachi noodle)
1. Hibachi Vegetable5. Hibachi Shrimp
2. Hibachi Chicken6. Hibachi Chicken Fried Rice
3. Hibachi Salmon7. Hibachi Steak Fried Rice
4. Hibachi Steak8. Hibachi Shrimp Fried Rice

Udon or Soba in Soup

Udon (Thick Noodle) / Soba (Thin Noodle)
1. Vegetable Udon or Soba3. Beef Udon or Soba
2. Chicken Udon or Soba4. Crabmeat Udon or Soba


Green Tea Ice CreamRed Bean Ice Cream
Vanilla Ice Cream